What is Celine’s documentary style for families ?

Your normal, every day life is breathtaking beautiful.

Little moments of magic are always there.

But sometimes you need someone to help you see it.

I get it, you’re thinking, how can pictures of us eating lunch, brushing teeth or getting the children ready to get out the door be interesting let alone beautiful?!

Well it can, it really really can.

These seemingly boring and uninspiring moments of your day are the BEST part;

because that is where real moments of affection, tenderness and love can often happen.

It’s those ‘in-between’ life moments that are best.

Documentary Family Photography is unposed photography of your family living your real, actual lives, with no direction from me. The shoots are unscripted, undirected and entirely spontaneous. Whatever happens, happens! My job is to make them beautiful.

I record fleeting moments of life, however mundane they may seem at the time, so you can remember the little, in-between life moments,

that eventually will be more priceless than the bigger moments.

How does it work ?

Get in touch

Whether you already have something in mind and wonder if it can be done or you saw some pictures here and you'd love to experience it but need to be reassured - contact me !

I will give you all the answers you're looking for!

Plus, we'll get to know each other and it will make the whole experience more enjoyable. Promise.


Plan ahead

What are the most favorite activities of your children ? Games, sports, gardening, cooking, bath, bubbles, painting, hide-and-seek ... ? You can list all of them and plan a "loose" schedule in order for everyone to feel relaxed and happy. Include every member of the family by discussing it ahead of time. And above all: Do not stress at all, this is going to be a normal day, just extra fun and full of memories to cherish.


Enjoy the moment !

On the D day, leave room for the unexpected, the imperfection, LIFE!

Let it follow its course, let the emotions burst forth! Your children take incredible pleasure in building a dam on a river? A burst of laughter carries you away for several minutes? Your last one falls asleep during story-time? GREAT ! Be available, and completely so. Do not worry about me, about work, about stains on a T-shirt... This moment is for you and your family only.



You've enjoyed what you saw ?

Great ! Let's talk and plan your session

as soon as possible !

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