Isn't it remarkable what your body is capable of doing?

It all starts with you – being pregnant is hard work and it should be celebrated.

My maternity photography sessions are about capturing all the love and excitement you are feeling for the life growing inside of you.

Mums-to-be who choose to have a pregnancy photoshoot (at home, outside or a bit of both) positively embrace their pregnancy. It's great to see a look of love, anticipation and hope beaming from their faces as they cuddle their bumps and to capture these genuine moments and emotions which produce irreplaceable keepsakes.

And without anything else, at this point in time your hard work of bringing new life is amazing enough to be celebrated !

Your journey as a mother

Enough talks !

Let's show you what we are talking about !

And if you feel like we could be a good fit, please send us a message so that we get to know you !