For those that love nontraditional. The romantics, the artists, and the weirdos. The radicals, the fantasts, impracticals, dreamers, and poetic lovers. You are in good company here.
All of my sessions are focused on you and your love, all of the ephemeral, passionate, messy, fearless depth of it that can’t really be put into words.

I focus on intimate connection, which can come in the form of shared laughter, or a sweet kiss, a stolen look or just holding hands...

I’ll help you plan what to wear, what to bring, and where to shoot. On the day of your shoot, no matter where it is, I’ll set the two of you up in the best spot, with the prettiest light, then step back and let you explore the feelings you feel when you’re so very close.


All over again

Enough talks !

Let's show you what we are talking about !

And if you feel like we could be a good fit, please send us a message so that we get to know you !