photographe de mariage Toulouse - une mariee tatouee rit
une mariee en pleurs dans les bras de son pere au domaine de rochemontes
Celine Deligey Photographe famille
maquillage de la mariee a Toulouse - Photographie prise pendant les preparatifs
seance photo grossesse toulouse
photo de groupe en noir et blanc pendant un mariage a toulouse
photographe-famille-toulouse-reportage bébé
une photo de couple à toulouse lors d'un mariage civil intime
le marie rit pendant sa ceremonie laique en ariege a la metairie du chateau
seance photo femme enceinte carcassonne
deux petits garçons qui jouent - seance photo naturelle
soiree de mariage


Hello & Welcome !


I'm Celine, and I photograph happy people !

I'm 38 and for more than 7 years now, couples and families have been trusting me to restore the magic of their intimate moments. And I am so thankful for that.

Amongst many things, I'm a happy wife and proud mum of a 7 year-old boy.
I grew up in Paris, before the call of nature stroke and prevailed over everything else.
I fell for an old house located in a big park, nestled between the foothills of the Pyrenees, Toulouse, Carcassonne and the sea of course ... which should never be too far away from me.

On this pic: One of my numerous bursts of laughter ( beautifully captured by my friend Anaïs Bizet - Thanks Love ! )

In order to know me a little better...

Here are 3 things I am passionate about !

photo de groupe en noir et blanc pendant un mariage a toulouse

#1: People !

I enjoy nothing more than meeting new people, spending good time with friends, having passionate discussions... This is why I chose to become a social photographer ! Observing people, trying to capture their beauty, their madness, their softness... Their essence !

photo de mariage en ariege avec fumigene de nuit

#2: Partying !

Having a few drinks with friends? Dancing all night ? Attending a pool party ? Going to a concert ? Spending the night around a bonefire with guitar music ?

Please count me in !

seance-photo-couple-plage-ocean Lacanau

#3: The sun !

Its warmth, the whole colour palette of its light, the life it brings...
And I think you can feel it in my photography practice ! I'm hunting down all lights to play with them passionately, and I always prioritize warm tones during post processing my pictures.

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